Thursday, February 28, 2008

SK8 4 LIFE!!!
The afterschool Expressions group have created their very own deck designs. These boys love to skateboard, so we looked at what was appealing about other deck designs. Then, the boys brainstormed what elements would look cool on their own decks... They sketched colors, designs, patterns, and images that they find personally appealing. Then they each made their own unique deck.

Take a look at what they created - they even came up with their own brand name! Maybe one day they will grow up to be famous skateboard artists!

By Jonathan R.

Family deck
By Aliah M.

by Ben S.

by Eli G.

by Noah T.


Mrs. Klusener said...

I love all of your designs and the creativity they show! Keep up the hard work you are doing in Expressions! I am looking forward to saying someday that "I knew those great skateboard artists when they were in elementary school!"

Mrs. Klusener

Snippety Gibbet said...

What a great idea. I keep coming up with great Art Club ideas geared towards girls, and I am aggitated that I do that. This is a great one that either group could enjoy. jan