Monday, April 21, 2008

4th grade Art Gala

What a Success! Congratulations 4th Graders!
For those of you know didn't know, we just had our long-anticipated 4th Grade Art Gala last Thursday night. The event featured music by each 4th grade class (very impressive!) and a display and reception of original art by the 4th grade students. This year we also had writing included in the gala - forth graders wrote cinquin poems to accompany their relief sculptures! So creative - what a talented group; what a great night!
Here are some pictures of the display:

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Julie Durocher said...

I love the little poems you did with the reliefs! What a great way to incorporate writing! I like that you made it like a game with the paper over the name of the activity, so people could try to guess it. Way to go on taking an idea and making it BETTER! :)