Friday, October 31, 2008

1st and Kindergarten Shape and Color Designs
Kindergarten and 1st grade had the best time drawing shapes using different shades of the 6 colors of the rainbow. During this unit, the students really had to use their listening skills and show me how well they could follow directions. The results were so beautiful and unique!

Here's what we did:
- The first class, I set the tables up like a color wheel with a different cup of crayons on each table - for example, the red table had a variety of different reds (like maroon, scarlet, brick red) . Students rotated to a different table every 5 minutes. At each table there was a different shape for students to practice drawing. They were encouraged to make designs, overlap, or turn the shapes into structures - but they could only draw the shape at their current table! This way, students were challenged to draw shapes that they might otherwise avoid because they're "too hard." At the end of the class, the students had drawn many different shapes using variations of the 6 colors of the color wheel.

- The next class, students looked at the color wheel again and learned why certain colors are next to each other. The students chose their favorite color from the 6 and then mixed variations of that color using watercolor tempera paint. Then they painted over the crayons - which is a called a watercolor resist. They all did such a great job practicing careful, clean painting techniques. Such a fun unit!

See them on display now in the hallway outside the art room!

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