Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Special Someones
Here is a sampling of some of the beautiful oil pastel portraits that the second graders have been working on. After brainstorming a list of special people in their lives, and figuring out why those people were special to them, the students chose one person to do a detailed, descriptive portrait of. They had to include details that show what the person looks like. They had to include objects that show what the person does (like toys, work equipment, favorite foods). And last, they had to include places that are significant to the person.
Here's some sample work from students who have already finished.

One of the drawings above is a portrait of your favorite art teacher! Can you tell which one?
I will put up more once everyone is done!

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bandfan009 said...

Hahaha thanks for posting rommelito's portrait for me to see! Lol I never knew he noticed certain things.