Monday, January 12, 2009

5th Grade EXPRESSIVE Self-Portraits
Here's a first look at some of the finished self-portraits created ever-so-uniquely by the talented 5th graders at Briargrove. Please note the size of these images (they're really large!) The images that look larger on this post are 22"x26", and the slightly smaller ones are 11"x17".

For this unit, all students began by learning the rules of proportion and how to draw from observation. Drawing from observation (drawing exactly what you see) is a real challenge, and it takes a lot of time! After much careful practice, the students were ready to apply those skills to some creative self-expression.

They chose a part of their personality or an emotion that they wanted to express, and brainstormed colors, patterns, lines, and symbols that would represent it. They also had to decide on a pose or facial expression to correspond with their idea.

Each student mapped out their composition first, usually in pencil, making sure that the entire page was going to be used. That also meant planning whether there would be any blank spaces. Some students chose to include elaborate backgrounds, while others wanted to stand out against a simple backdrop.

All of these pieces are mixed-media, meaning that they combine a variety of different art supplies. The fifth graders were provided with the following materials, and were required to use at least 3 of them: pencils, Sharpies, crayons, oil pastels, watercolor tempera blocks, and scrap paper with glue.

Each portrait is as individual and unique as it's maker. The fifth graders really proved their abilities to make real artist choices. I CAN'T WAIT to show more of these amazing pieces. Will post more as soon as they are finished and let everyone know when they go on display.

More to come...!


Mrs. Klusener said...

Wow, Mrs. Gonzalez and 5th graders! I am impressed with the creativity you have shown on your self-portraits! I watched my homeroom a little bit on theirs, but most of these I haven't seen. I look forward to seeing all of them in person! Super job!

Katie Gonzalez said...

Thanks Mrs. Klusener! I am so impressed with our students too! I can't wait to post more here and put some up on the walls soon!

Anonymous said...

You have some talented artist! I'm most impressed.
Emily Kennedy