Friday, February 20, 2009

2nd Grade MONSTERS!!!

2nd grade is making monsters! Inspired by the style of illustrator Eric Carle, the 2nd graders made these monster collages out of scraps of printed paper that they made themselves. Using tissue paper and acrylic paint, the second graders made their collage paper by printing a variety of designs and patterns on different colors of tissue paper. They used recycled materials to print with - like bottle caps, plastic forks and knives, sponges and even plastic jewelry! Then, they cut pieces to construct their monsters. The 2nd graders had to learn how to collage with a glue-water mixture and a paintbrush. It was challenging, but so fun! Then, students decided to add details to their monsters with Sharpie, and add a background design with crayons.
When teaching a unit about monsters, I always include my favorite monster book Leonardo the Terrible Monster. The monsters in that book are scary, silly, and friendly!!! The students love the sweet story, and the illustrations are simplistic and beautiful. It helps the students think about the diversity of all creatures - even imaginary ones! Then they feel free to make their monster any way they want!


Mrs. Weymouth said...

Mrs.Gonzalez and Briargrove Art Students,
Your work looks fabulous! I've just reviewed the entire blog again and I am so impressed!!!
Observe, discuss, read, play, move, and most of all keep creating! I can't wait to see what's next.
Your fan,
Mrs. Weymouth

Katie Gonzalez said...

Thanks Mrs. Weymouth - (aka Mrs. Gonzalez's mom!)

Katie said...

Hi Katie, I'm also Katie and an elementary art teacher ;) I have checked out your blog, awesome! I love finding more people out there like me who blog about what you do and what you love. I'd love if you'd stop by my blog, too.