Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Experiments with Chalk and Glue

Below are the sample sheets that the 3rd graders worked on before moving on their big pieces (which will be posted here soon as well.) I had them practice drawing with glue a few weeks ago. First, they drew an animal at the top of their page, in pencil. Then, at the bottom of their page, they drew a variety of different lines, just using the glue bottle. Last, they rotated their paper and traced their animal with glue. This week, we are getting ready to add chalk pastels to their larger projects. To get a feel for what chalk is like to work with, they are experimenting with color layering and blending techniques on their sample sheets.

These have just turned out so beautiful that I think I will display them right along with their big project!!!!


sue said...

Hi Katie,
I really like the idea of drawing with glue. It is something that I think my special needs class would be able to do. What is the next stage? I have never seen this done before!

Katie Gonzalez said...


I think this would be a great project for your students. I always make sure to instruct my students to make sure that the tip of the glue bottle is touching the paper as they draw. For more controlled lines, they can draw first with a pencil, chalk, or the end of their eraser. Also, if you can have them leave their work on their table to dry without having to pick it up, it's a lot less likely to drip or get stuck together.

For this unit, we are doing dream scapes based on the work of Marc Chagall. Those I will post here in a week or two with more unit details.

There are lots of possibilities with this technique, though. This summer I did coral reef drawings with my pre-k students on pink, orange, and fuschia paper. We concentrated on making big shapes for the coral, then adding dots and lines of all kinds for the texture of the coral. When the glue was dry, they picked certain colors of chalk for the coral and then added blue chalk to the rest of the image to show the water. They were fantastic!

Another tip for chalk: if you don't want an incredible mess, have the students select one finger (I tell them to use their pointer finger) to rub in the chalk.

Hope yall have fun!!!

Sue said...

Thnaks for the tips Katie. I will give this activiy a go!