Friday, May 15, 2009

Creature Inspirations

I wanted to share the BIG IDEA behind the fourth and fifth grade creature unit. The students started by choosing 3 animals that they relate to in some way - personality, behavior or appearance. They also chose a type of habitat they would want to live in, and listed some physical traits that they would need to live there. Then, they combined their three animals into one new creature, and also incorporated something to help them survive in their chosen habitat. Below, I have featured some of the creatures with the students' writing from their brainstorming worksheets.
You can see all of the creatures created by fourth grade by visiting the special
Fourth Grade Art Gala blog.

I am like a chipmunk because I am really smart for my age.
I am like an eagle because I love to be above everything.
I am like a cardinal because I have very colorful feelings.

I am like a gecko because I am sneaky.
I am like a mustang because I am a fast reader.
I am like a chimpanzee because I am very active and I like hanging.

I am like a mustang because I’m a fast runner.
I am like a lion because I am fierce.
I am like a buffalo because I am strong.

I am like a bass because I like to swim.
I am like a whitetail deer because I’m quick and sneaky.
I am like an eagle because I’m strong and I love to fly on airplanes.

I am like a baby leopard because I am playful.
I am like a parrot because I’m colorful like a bright photograph.
I am like a howler monkey because I can climb incredibly fast.

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tana said...

Oh these are great! Sculpture and collage are so much fun at this age! Thank you for sharing your room and ideas with us!
I just started my own elementary art projects blog - please check it out and let me know what you think. It's been so much fun blogging!!