Thursday, August 27, 2009

Welcome to a Fantastic New Year!

I love the look of a classroom at the beginning of the year - fresh and full of possibilities! I try to keep everything very minimal so that the students and I can build the room up with relevant material as the year goes on. Plus, it helps those students who might be a little over-sensory feel calm and comfy.
Classes have started and we are having a blast! Images coming soon... In the meantime, here is my favorite of the new additions to my classroom - flat file drawers! One drawer for each of my 36 classes! Organization! I love it.

Another exciting thing on the horizon - this year I have decided the Art Room is officially Going Green!!! What could be more exciting, or more relevant, for our students this day and age? Can't wait to share all the great ideas I got this summer. In fact, I have created a special blog for that purpose! Click here for
the Art Room at Briargrove - GREEN EFFORT!
The students and I have already begun brainstorming ways we can practice the 3 R's - reducing, reusing, and recycling - and the whole school's started collecting materials. Ms. Abair, our fantastic new science teacher, is helping the whole school go green by working with community members to bring a recycling program to Briargrove. It's going to be an exciting year!


Sue said...

Welcome back to the new school year. Looking forward to seeing what you create together.
Sue & the Crew

Beth said...

I love your idea for using the vertical files for classes. I have some vertical files that have posters, etc. in them but aren't the greatest use of space. I may try making one for each class too! Thanks for the great idea.

Debbie Weymouth said...

Love those beautiful blue file drawers! Agreed, the promise of organization for 36 classes is a bright beginning for a new school year!

Mrs. Klusener said...

Yea! I made your blog! :)