Monday, May 24, 2010

Birds of the Deciduous Forest

Mrs. Azar's fourth grade class studied the birds of the deciduous forest. This forest goes through all four seasons each year, unlike a tropical rain forest. The birds need to blend in with the lots and lots of trees and branches. We researched and found many types of small birds that live in this habitat. There were a great deal of species we are already familiar with; we see them all the time living in Houston! All the sculptures are made entirely of recycled materials, plus acrylic paint. Here are a few examples of the birds created by this class:

A red-tailed hawk and a blue jay!

A turkey, a ruby-throated hummingbird, and a pileated woodpecker!

Another blue jay and a cardinal!

A tawny owl, a chickadee and a snowy owl!


Mr. Spoqui said...
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the Factory ii facilitator said...

Super, awesome, incredible stuff you are doing, Katie!!! I can't wait until next year when we will all work with clay and make some awesome pottery with our kiddos!


Aren't they amazing? I love junk sculptures so much!

Phyl said...

Katie, your blog is FABULOUS! Love the birds, love the clouds, love it all!
I hope you'll check out my blog called There's a Dragon in my Art Room at
Thanks for the great ideas!