Friday, May 28, 2010

Birds of the Desert

Ms. Abraham's fourth grade students studied the birds of the desert. These birds live in hot, dry climates and need to blend in with the tones of the earth, since there aren't many plants or trees to hide in. We found out that many birds here depend on cacti for hydration and food, and even shelter. I really enjoyed the way that many students in this class created a setting for their birds as well as the bird itself. I am a cactus lover, so the bottle cap and pringle cup cacti were especially exciting to me! All the sculptures are made entirely of recycled materials, plus acrylic paint. The popsicle sticks used by this class were collected from actual popsicles, not a prepackaged set of craft sticks. Here are a few examples from this class:

A Gamble's Quail and a Vulture!

A Turkey Vulture and a Cactus Ferruginous Pygmy Owl!
A Roadrunner, a Gila Woodpecker, and a Pinyon Jay!

A Turkey Vulture and a Gamble's Quail!

A Barn Owl and a Pinyon Jay!

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