Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Birds of the Tropical Rain Forest

Well, it's been a while but I really want to spotlight some more of the incredible birds my students made last year. Ms. Borowski's 4th grade class studied the birds of the Tropical Rain Forest. The tropical rain forest is a warm, humid, lush and colorful environment year round. The birds there couldn't be more diverse! The students found endless varieties of interesting species that had special adaptations to help them survive in the different levels of the rain forest. Every student chose a special bird to study and built their sculptures entirely of recycled materials, hot glue, and acrylic paint. Here are a few examples from this class:

Two Toucans!

A Bird of Paradise, an Umbrella Bird and a Double Wattled Cassowary (this sculpture is over 2ft tall!)
Another Bird of Paradise and an Asian Pied Hornbill!

A Harpy Eagle and a Kingfisher!

A Red-Bellied Kingfisher, Tropical Rain Forest Bird, and a Peacock!

A Blue and Gold Macaw and another species of Toucan!


Phyl said...

Just like last year, these are phenomenal. I can't imagine how you manage to get these done - each one is so unique, and I imagine the kids dragging on you asking for help or advice. How many kids do you work with at at time? How do you get them to figure these out, when each one requires different decision-making to complete? Just beautiful.

Un planeta de manualitats said...


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