Monday, April 11, 2011

4th grade Art Gala 2011

Last Thursday was our annual Fourth Grade Art Gala! Every year, Mr. Nave, the music teacher, and I work hard with fourth grade for months to prepare for this fine arts event. We put up a big art show for fourth grade that includes artwork from every single student in the grade level. The students also preform amazing musical selections with lots of instruments and personal input from students.

I usually feature two of the main units from the school year - so that means that there are about 300 mounted, labeled, finished works of art on display for the show! (If you click on the fourth grade unit tab, you can see artwork made for the gala in past years. One year, I even created this site to display their work after the gala! Wish I could do that every year!) It's a lot of work, and I definitely could not pull it off without the help of my wonderful enrichment team and PTO helpers!

This year, we displayed the fourth grader's complementary nature resist paintings, and their dream collages. You can find out more about the nature paintings here. I CAN'T WAIT to do a separate post about the collage unit. It was OUTSTANDING! Students imagined dream-like scenarios based on their own interests, created a collage entirely made from magazine pages and finished it by adding an action pose of themselves and friends acting out their part in the dream.

The night was a great success. We had an incredible turn out. As you can see, the hallways were packed and full of engaged art discussions and sharing. And lots of photo-taking! I am so proud of my fourth grade artists! (I think everyone was!)

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