Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hand Creatures - Individual Drawings

I wanted to share some more examples of our monster drawings. These were done individually with with my students the second week of school. The kids liked the activity so much, I decided to repeat it, but let them work on their own monster the whole time. It was just as much fun, and the students were eager for the opportunity to design one all on their own.

This was a great activity for the week of the move. Easy set-up and clean-up, and directions they were already familiar with. The last day in my room, I was teaching this lesson with kids on the floor while furniture was being moved out! Pretty chaotic. But, ARTISTS make it work!

A few students and parents shared with me that many of them went home and drew more hand monsters! Fun stuff! That always makes an art teacher feel like it was a job well done...

All the enthusiasm for hand creatures led me to an idea for the big unit to follow for 2nd-5th grade. Working on that post... Stay posted for more hand-monster-madness!

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