Thursday, December 6, 2007

We've created... Monsters!!!

2nd graders have worked so hard on these creative creatures! Some are friendly, some are scary, and some are just plain silly! Take a look:

(Sample student artwork from the display.)

Here's what they did:
Step 1: Students came up with ideas for their monsters by first thinking about what their monster's personalities would be like. They imagined where their monster would live, what it would like to eat, and what kinds of things it would enjoy.
Step 2: Students drew their monsters using black and white crayons. Students were given images of animals and asked to include at least three different animal parts in their monsters.
Step 3: Students painted their monsters using a variety of colors.
Painting Process:
Resist - when two materials that do not mix push away from one another
Students saw how crayon on paper resists watercolor paint by pushing it off when its painted over.

All About Color:
Students added and mixed these different types of colors during different stages of the painting:
Primary Colors - colors that cannot be made with any other colors; red, blue, and yellow
Secondary Colors -colors made when two primary colors are mixed; orange, purple, and green
Tint - any color mixed with white (pink, for example is red + white)


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