Thursday, December 6, 2007

4th and 5th Grade Observation Drawing Display

4th and 5th graders have been working hard to learn and master different ways to draw objects so that they look realistic. Here's what they've been learning:

Observation Drawing:
Observing (really looking!) at an object and drawing exactly what is seen

Drawing Techniques:
Contour Line Drawing - describing form and details using line
Continuous Contour Line Drawing - Contour line drawing made without lifting drawing utensil
Student samples of these two techniques below:

Value Drawing - Adding values through shading to describe how the light hits the object
Subtractive Value Drawing - Subtracting values by erasing to describe how light hits the object
Student samples of subtractive value drawings below:

Other Vocabulary:
Light Source
Value Scale

Art on display upstairs in the 4th and 5th grade pod areas! COME SEE IT SOON!


Lauren said...

Go Ms.Weymouth!

Mrs. Klusener said...

The fifth graders and their teachers are anxious to see their work posted on the internet! This blog is way cool, Ms. Weymouth!

Luis Santos said...

Great job! It is so good to see our children's work in this blog. We do appreciate your effort, Ms. Weymouth!