Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Kindergartners have been learning to draw their faces so that they look really real!

Kinder Self-Portrait Display

Here are some of the ways they learned to make a face look real:

1. The shape of the head is similar to an oval.

2. The eyes are similar to the shape of a football or lemon, and sit in the very middle of the head.

3. The mouth has two lips - and the top lip is kind-of shaped like an "M"!

4. The nose has three distinctive parts - the bridge, the tip and the nostrils (so we draw all three!)

5. The ears sit on the sides of the head just in between the top of our eyes and the tip of the nose.

Student Artwork Samples

Here's the steps we took to make our self-portraits:
Step 1: Draw all parts of the face, neck and shoulders using Sharpie.

Step 2. Use crayons to color the portrait using imaginary, expressive colors. (We pushed hard with the crayons to make the colors look bright.)

Step 3: Paint over the portrait using watercolor tempera paint. (Using watercolor over crayon is called a "resist". )
Art on display near the nurse's office - take a look!

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