Thursday, January 17, 2008

Have you ever played BINGO? 1st graders have been learning about a similar game from Mexico called Loteria. Check out their work below and find out how we made and played the game!

Brainstorming for our very own Loteria game:
Students brainstormed different toys, games, foods, animals, places, people, and plants that are a part of their culture.

After coming up with ideas, each student chose one item and made a painting of it.

When students finished their paintings, they were asked to write a riddle about their Loteria painting. Here's an example:
"It's pink and purple. It's warm and sort of small. It makes cakes and cookies. What is it?"
See if you can guess which image it is from the choices below!

It's..... Emily's Easy-Bake Oven!

How We Played the Game:
-Students constructed a tabla (gameboard) with photographs of their classmates' artwork arranged in a grid.
-Students' names were called one by one at random.
-When a student's name was called, the student read their riddle aloud. Another student was called on to guess the subject of the painting.
-The student then revealed their painting. Any students with that painting could put a marker down on their tabla.
-The first student to get three in a row shouted "LOTERIA!", winning the game!

Students learned about the traditional game of Loteria, and then looked at artwork inspired by the game. Check out the work of Teresa Villegas at

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