Monday, February 4, 2008

TOOLS.... Come to Life!

4th and 5th Grades have created TOOL CREATURES!
Utilizing their skills of drawing from observation and drawing from imagination, the students combined everyday tools with body parts from different animals to make their own creature. Here's the process these artists went through to make their creative and unique artwork:
Step 1: Brainstorming - students made sketches of different combinations of tools and animal parts, using real tools and pictures of animals for inspiration; some students came up with up to five or six different tool creature designs!
Step 2: Large-Scale Drawing - students made a final, large contour line drawing in Sharpie of their favorite creature from the ones they brainstormed; they had to make the creature so large that it touched three different edges of the page!
Step 3: Watercolor Washes in Warm and Cool Colors - students used watered-down watercolor washes to add a first layer of color and value to their creatures and background; students had to choose warm colors (red, orange and yellow) or cool colors (blue, purple and green) to use to paint their whole page
Step 4: Adding Details - after painting with one color family, students used crayons in the opposite color family to add details to their creatures; for example, if a student painted with all cool colors, they would then add detail using warm colors
Check out some of the finished work below! See if you can spot the tool (some are more obvious than others) and the animal parts in the creature!

Sample Forth and Fifth Grade Artwork
FYI: The work of the 4th graders will be featured in the FORTH GRADE ART GALA in April!

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