Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Amazing Plant Drawings

I just LOVE these drawings! The students have been having SUCH a great time making them!
It's been a wonderful challenge to watch the students solve - how do they draw when they can't "draw?" I don't let the students sketch it out in pencil first. It's easy enough to erase when you can just lift the tape right back off the page!
The cactus was the favorite of many students. Desert plants are my favorites too!
Some students got really ambitious and covered the WHOLE page! I am laminating these before I send them home, so the tape will stay stuck down. The lamination makes them look so professional! (See the post below for more details on how they were made.) What a fun (and clean!) way to wrap up the school year!


Debbie Weymouth said...

Looking forward to next year and seeing all the ways these students will grow.

Kim said...

What a fun idea!! I'll have to order some colored tape and try it with my kids.

About how many rolls did you order for both the still life project and the 3d animals? How many kids did each project.