Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Deciduous Forest! a Collaborative Recycled Habitat

For the end of the year, our plans for a large collaborative mural between grade levels from each day of the rotation (6 days total) finally came together with a bang! These murals will be on permanant display at Briargrove, and everyone is IN LOVE with them.

(This is my not quite successful attempt at trying to zoom in and show you the entire mural a little closer up.)
Here is the first - the Deciduous Forest! All materials were collected and recycled into artwork by the students at Briargrove.
The large cardboard boxes that serve as a "canvas" for the murals were saved from the beginning of the year when we received our new amazing blue flat file drawers.

For the large painting, students used acrylic paint. The final mural was assembled using a combination of gloss medium for lightweight items and hot glue for heavier materials. Then, we coated the whole mural with gloss medium to unify the elements and give it a nice shine.
The following parts of the murals were made by the following homerooms/ grade levels:
Painting on Cardboard by Ms. Charpiot’s 1st Grade Class
Birds Printed from Styrofoam Egg Carton Lids by Mrs. Brown’s 2nd Grade Class
Scrap Paper Plant Collages by Ms. Melville’s 3rd Grade Class
Cardboard Animals by Mrs. Klusener’s 5th Grade Class


Phyl said...

Katie, I am so blown away by these recycled murals. The lion is adorable - my favorite! So I have some questions:
How do you keep the stuff that is attached with hot glue (such as the bottlecaps) from getting picked off or knocked off the murals?
And how are these permanently installed in your school? Do you have problems with fire codes etc?
And who draws the initial moose or parrot or whateaver that is collaged with bottlecaps? Just terrific!

Mr. Ted Edinger said...

Oh fun! This is kind of like my fall landscape. I like the recycled aspect of it! Very cool!!